Kids Camp, Camp Counselor

So for the rest of the summer I’ll be helping Adrea coordinate and create marketing content for the kids camps that MAD Travel hosts at the farm. We had our first experience with the kids camps this week. It was a two day overnight with the students from Kings School Manila. Their camp experience was centered on social entrepreneurship, which worked perfectly with the farm. There were 30 nine to ten year old kids and 5 teachers. Luckily we were on top of the logistics and had almost everything set in stone.

Unluckily, the kids were an hour late in arriving. So we had to quickly rearrange the itinerary to fit everything in. but the team was really amazing and the changes seemed to go off without a hitch. I started off leading the fifth years to the demonstration at ERI Silk. They were such good kids and were really interested in the silk worms and the whole process of how silk is created. They asked so many questions we had to cut them off just to get to lunch! After that they went to the other demo at Plush and Play, but I stayed at ERI Silk.

Next they took some time to create super heroes at the arts and craft area. Some of the heroes were really fun. Like the Food Terminator, who sucked up bad guys in his vacuum hands and gave food to the poor. It was really cool to see the kids embrace the idea of socially conscious super heroes, not just the usual Batman and Spiderman. After the art the group split in two again to do a baking challenge and learn about ecobricks. I was stationed at the bake off so I didn’t get to see the eco bricks, but essentially they’re plastic or glass bottles filled with plastic waste. I heard that the demonstration went really well and the kids were all talking about it.

But I had fun playing camp counselor and leading the kids through the bake off. We set it up so that some of the kids were baking while the others created a socially conscious brand for their baked treat. Then they switched for decorating the treats. The activity actually went really, really well. The kids threw themselves into coming up with a brand name and slogan. They even created posters advertising their brand. But my real moment to shine was when the kids needed to be entertained, then all those years as a camp counselor kicked in. We had a blast playing games together.

After that it was time for dinner and then a sing along. I was put in the spotlight again leading more games and the camp songs. But hey, I was in my element so all was good. Then Tito Jun came and played his guitar for the kids. The night ended with smiles and very sleepy ten year olds.

The second day dawned bright and early with a hike to the animal farm before breakfast. The kids actually did very well considering most of them had never really interacted with farm animals or dirt. But they dove right in and chased down the chickens and potted their own dill plants. While they did this Kasie, the other MAD intern, and I interviewed the kids for a video segment; Little Kids, Big Issues. They were very well spoken, if not a little off topic sometimes.

After that the time flew. The kids went swimming and I played lifeguard. Then they had their wrap up activity. For that they created their own social enterprises. Then they were gone. But as far as we could tell the event had been a huge success. It was agreed that a bigger team and the itinerary were spot on. Now it’s just a process of formatting and creating a manual for the event. So I’m off to write up lots of event plans!


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