Surf and Sand and Video Blogs

So I guess there’s some perks to working for a travel agency, mainly you get to travel. This weekend Kasie and I went to Baler in the Aurora province. Its best known as a surfing town with gorgeous beaches and sweeping mountains. We were there to get some more content for the trip because its still in the development stage. But even that was fun cause we were video blogging!!! So I got to narrate our trip with the help of the other guests.

It was a really fun work trip, possibly the most fun I’ll ever have on a work related trip. We surfed every day and had amazing seafood. But we also did a lot of work. Kasie and I took hundreds of photos trying to document everything we did. And there were the videos that we had to make as well. So it was a constant bustle.

We hiked up a mountain one morning through a river to get to a waterfall. While there we ate pineapple and swam in the river. We made lots of videos of us trekking through the jungle and of course splashing around in the river. After that we had a lovely meal with some of the community members. Did anyone know that a typical salad in the Philippines is actually made out of ferns? Okay well I didn’t, but it was really good.

And after that the day wasn’t even done. We visited a cacao farm which was gorgeous. In order to have healthy cacao trees there has to be a lot of biodiversity. So the farm is really more a jungle. But we saw the trees and even got to sample the products. RV Cacao Farm produces chocolate milk and sugar free ice cream. It was the most amazing chocolate ever. But the even more amazing part was how the farm came to be. It was basically a throw away lot until the family decided to become cacao farmers. They completely transformed the area and are now flourishing. But all of their prosperity came from trial and error.

We surfed some more and saw an 800 year old tree. The millennial tree is one of the oldest in the area and is massive. Its bigger than most of the houses in the province. But it’s all made of vine looking roots that you can walk through. We had a lot of fun exploring inside the tree!

But now the weekends over and we have social media posts to write and a video to put together!


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