PowerPoints and Posts

This past week was a rather slow one. Unfortunately not every week can be filled with travel!

It started with a lot of computer work. Tis the life of someone creating marketing content. There’s PowerPoints and social media posts to work on. I flip between creating marketing brochures for kids camp at the farm, social media posts for the Baler trip, and other social media posts for the farm. It’s a lot of captions and sorting through photos. But I’m really excited to be working on a couple of videos for MAD about the Philippines.

We’ll be interviewing the other farm interns about their experiences here and their take on safety in the Philippines. Mostly we want to share that the media isn’t always right. There are troubled areas and no place is a 100% safe, but that shouldn’t keep anyone from visiting such a beautiful country. However, that’s just starting so we’ll have more on that later.

The week picked up pace towards the end. MAD had a German couple visiting the farm and I acted as a sort of unofficial tour guide at times. I took them to Plush n’ Play to make their very own hearts. The funniest part was that the titas made them try and sew their hearts! Usually with kids the titas handle all that technical work, but I guess they thought these two were old enough to do it themselves. That theory kind of worked. The hearts were sewn. Not well. But they did sew them. Another night I had dinner with them at Tito Jun’s house. It was a lovely evening and delicious food as always.


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