Blogs and Boogie

Well this is about to sound a little repetitive, but it was another week of computer work. Which is good, I am a writing major. However it doesn’t make for particularly thrilling blog posts. At this point I’m still writing social media posts and brochures and manuals for MAD Kids Camp. On the side I’m working on a series of articles for the relaunch of the website.

But never fear. The weekend was exciting enough for the whole week. This weekend we were off traveling again for MAD. This time we were visiting San Felipe, Zambales for MAD’s Tribes and Treks tour. It’s a one day tour to visit the local Aeta community. While there guests plant trees to help reforest the Aeta’s ancestral land and get to spend time with the community.

For my part, I was video blogging the experience again and taking any pictures I could. I have to admit, I had a lot of fun. I made a point with this video to really interview the guests and see what they thought. Which was great because the other students from IWU were on the trip. So I got to coerce them into the spot light. But even more than just hearing about different people’s experiences; I wanted to show the experience and the people that make it.

The Aetas have an amazing community that welcomes people in. from the moment we got there someone was talking or teaching us something. We ate food with the Aetas and learned archery. We took a tour of their village and they taught us about the medicinal plants they use because the nearest town is too far away. Nanay Milyang taught us some of the traditional dances and songs of the tribe. For that afternoon at least we were a part of their village, their family. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.


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