Interviews and Insights

Guess what?

I did a lot of computer work this week. Who knew that’s what I’d be doing while focusing on marketing and social media. This week it was time to finalize the kids camp training manual. So we took the kids campo manual and added some more stuff to it. I was mainly transcribing all the random songs I knew into the manual. Kasie was working on making the format a little easier to read. And then we both worked on filling in all the blanks that were still left in the spiels and safety. It was utterly thrilling.

On the other hand, what was actually fun was finishing up the interviews for the MAD Travel videos. We’re aiming to do three videos. One focusing on why foreigners choose to stay in the Philippines, one on people’s first impressions of the Philippines and their view now, and one on safety here in the Philippines. The idea is to tackle some of the bad media and misconceptions about the Philippines. Because once you get here you realize that all you think you know isn’t exactly true. And that was the craziest thing. Across the board the French, Japanese, and American interns on the farm may have had some concerns about the Philippines; but now that they’re here they feel completely at home. It’s the way people take you in and make you a part of their family that puts you at ease. It’s the fact that the people are so consistently nice and polite that makes it hard to fear for your safety. So I’m excited to get those up and edited soon!


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