Busy and in Baler

Okay, this might not exactly be work related. This weekend the GK interns all went to Baler for our trip provided by our lovely school. It was an amazing experience again despite all the rain we endured.

We were able to river trek on Saturday and it was hilarious. The river was very swift from all the rain so we had to battle our way through the current. But that just made it better. We didn’t get to make it all the way to the falls, but we did get to swim in the deeper part of the river. There was a wooden diving board that everyone jumped and flipped off of. It was such fun. And since we were already wet, the rain wasn’t a bother. It actually kept us all cool while we trekked.

After the trek we had a lovely lunch in the local GK community and cacao ice cream from RV Cacao Farm. The rain even held off enough for us to take a tour of the cacao farm. And of course, we surfed at any chance we got.

But in between all the fun we did do some work. There is still a bit of prep for the Kids Camp training this coming week that had to be figured out. I had a safety presentation to create and song planning to do. But it was all better in Baler.


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